NSCN (K-YA) releases youth, kidnaps another

Staff Reporter

LONDGING, 20 May: Alai Wangsu, of Pumao village in Longding district, who had been kidnapped by NSCN (K-YA) operatives on 12 May, was released on Friday.

The police stated that Wangsu has safely returned to his village.

The police further informed that the insurgent group is currently holding one person, identified as Mandan Wangnaw, captive in Khanmoi village in Myanmar. Wangnaw had reportedly gone to Khanmoi village to rescue Wangsu.

The police informed that the insurgent group is holding Wangnaw captive “for non-payment of full amount of Rs 10 lakhs ransom.”

“He will be released after payment of the amount,” stated the police.

Earlier, the insurgent group had demanded Rs 5 lakhs as ransom for Alai Wangsu’s release.

Wangsu, a ranapio (caretaker) of Pumao village, was forcibly kidnapped from his house by five NSCN (K-YA) operatives, led by self-styled (SS) lieutenant Wangjen Wangsaham and SS sergeant Abojak Wangnow.