BJP should improve governance

Union Law Minister Kiren Rijiju while speaking at a public meeting during the recent visit of union Home Minister Amit Shah to Namsai alleged that the Congress halted the development of Arunachal’s border areas. Further, he stated that the scenario changed after the NDA came to power at the Centre, with the Narendra Modi government ensuring that motorable roads get built along the border. Increasingly it is becoming a habit for BJP leaders to blame everything on the Congress party and its past leaders, especially former prime minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Today, the Congress is going through an existential crisis, but still the BJP finds it convenient to blame the grand old party for their every failure.

The people of India gave the BJP a huge mandate in 2014 and in 2019 with the hope that they would take the country to the next level of development. The Congress has been severely punished for its past mistakes. Still now the party is paying the price for the misgovernance and corruption of their leaders and past Congress-run governments. Today they are in the government only in a few states. The situation is so bad that the majority of Congress leaders are deserting them and joining the BJP. The party is in its weakest time. But strangely, even now, BJP leaders keep shifting blame to the Congress whenever people raise concern over the poor governance of the present regime. Instead of resorting to blame game, the saffron party will donate favour by concentrating on improving governance. People have given a huge mandate to the BJP and the party should respect the mandate by fulfilling the election promises.