IMC organises cleanliness drive near dumping zone

ITANAGAR, 28 May: A team of the Itanagar Municipal Corporation (IMC), comprising Mayor Tame Phassang, the IMC commissioner and corporators of various wards, organised a cleanliness drive to clear the national highway of garbage, especially near the dumping zone in Chimpu.

Speaking to reporters, the mayor urged the people to not throw garbage on the roadsides “as it not only creates an unhygienic environment but also hampers the beautification of the city.”

“Public should keep their garbage at the designated location, instead of throwing it in public places or leaving it on national highways.

I also appeal to all to maintain the proper schedule of 5 am to 10 am, so that IMC staff can collect garbage at the appropriate time,” the mayor added.

Informing that at least 60 metric tonnes of garbage are being shipped out of homes, shops, malls, schools, hospitals and markets every day, the mayor stated that the IMC is introducing a mobile application called ‘IMC-101’.

“Through this app, denizens can lodge complaints and avail other services of the IMC. Moreover, we are also adding an automatic highway sweeping machine and compactor for national highways,” informed Phassang.

“Following support from the state government, we are already on the job to construct a solid waste management plant (SWMP) at Dapo Yarlo, 4 kms away from the national highway, in Chimpu. However, till the completion of the SWMP, we are renovating the old plant and taking all measures to avoid any health hazards,” said the mayor.

Responding to a query on the high court’s directive to impose fines on those who litter public places, Phassang informed that the IMC has already submitted its file to the state government “for its consent to implement it as soon as possible.”