ICR DA should take steps to stop illegal earth-cutting

The ICR district administration (DA) recently carried out a drive to remove all illegal hoardings, signboards and posters along the RoW of NH 415. The coming up of random hoardings near the highway has become a problem. Apart from becoming obstacles in the effort to beautify the capital region, these hoardings and signboards can distract the motorists, thereby posing a threat. The ICR administration should work out a solution by identifying places where hoardings, posters and signboards can be put up. For this, they should coordinate with the Itanagar Municipal Corporation.

Apart from this, random dumping of construction materials on the road, lack of parking space, and illegal earth-cutting near the highway are emerging as the biggest concern for the ICR. The administration needs to seriously start making a long-term plan to resolve these issues. Though notices are regularly issued, warning of strict action against people dumping construction materials on roads and those indulging in illegal earth-cutting, some antisocial elements continue to defy the government order. It is time that the ICR administration acted decisively and punished the people involved in such illegal activities. Further, the administration should make it compulsory that whoever is constructing houses in the ICR should develop their own parking place. The parking of vehicles on the road creates massive traffic congestion.