GoAP should address lack of promotion avenues for APCS officers

Chief Minister Pema Khandu while attending the meeting of the Arunachal Pradesh Civil Service Officers’ Association recently urged the civil servants to become agents of change and act like leaders. He also raised concern over some of the APCS officers indulging in corruption. The chief minister spoke very frankly about the need to stop corruption in the babu level. Hopefully, the civil servants will take his appeal sportingly and work towards a corruption-free Arunachal. Despite some of the APCS officers being caught in corruption cases, the APCS officers in general have risen to the occasion many times and have served the state with sincerity.

Especially the tribal officers posted along the Assam-Arunachal boundary have always been found to be more effective. Even during the Covid pandemic, their dedication towards duty was appreciable. But the lack of career growth and stagnation in promotion has become a big stumbling block for them. The lack of promotion avenues discourages them. The state government should take sincere initiative to address their concern. Timely promotion will act as a catalyst and boost the morale of the APCS officers. It will push them to work hard. CM Pema Khandu has ushered several major reforms in the last few years. Hopefully, he will bring reformation in the state civil service and make it more attractive for the young people by ensuring proper career growth.