Importing cloven-footed animals banned in Siang

BOLENG, 17 Jun: Siang Deputy Commissioner Atul Tayeng has issued an order banning transportation and sale of cloven-footed animals (mithuns, cows, sheep, goats and pigs) from outside the district.

The order also calls for ensuring inspection, treatment and quarantine of the existing mithun, cow, sheep, goat and pig populations in the district, and adopting “biosecurity measures by villages, farmers and departments’ officials in government and private farms and habitats.”

The order directs “adherence to strict hygiene measure, isolation of ailing animals and creation of awareness among farmers and stakeholders,” besides calling for setting up ‘quarantine gates’ at the district’s entry points bordering East Siang, West Siang and Upper Siang districts.

The order has been issued following an outbreak of suspected African swine fever/classical swine fever at the government farm in Berung in East Siang district. (DIPRO)