MLAs should visit their constituencies regularly 

Tali MLA Jikke Tako while inspecting the ongoing bridge construction work over the Kumey river in Kra Daadi district told the media that every month he visits Tali to monitor the work’s progress. The dedication shown by the MLA deserves appreciation. Tali headquarters does not have proper road connectivity till now. The bridge over the Kumey river is a very important project to connect Tali with the rest of the world. Hopefully, Tako will maintain the same enthusiasm and get a road connection to Tali at the earliest.

It is seen that most of the MLAs of the state, after getting elected, mostly spend their time in the capital Itanagar. They do not visit their home constituencies and people find it difficult to reach them. This leads to complete disconnection between the people and the elected representatives. The people are not able to convey their problems to the MLAs. The development projects are also affected. In the absence of MLAs, their subordinates, along with favoured government officials, implement the projects. These projects mostly end up as failures due to the lack of monitoring. Therefore, every MLA should regularly visit their assembly constituencies and monitor the implementation of development projects at the grassroots. Especially infrastructure projects like roads, bridges, hospital buildings, etc, should be strictly checked. There should not be any compromise with the quality of the work.