Poultry mgmt prog organised

PALIN, 19 Jun: The ArSRLM’s block mission management unit here in Kra Daadi district organised an ‘egg incubation and poultry management’ training programme from 16-18 June for the members of SHG Mothers of Palin, in collaboration with the SELCO Foundation.

“An egg incubator is a machine that creates the perfect condition for an egg to incubate and hatch. It can improve the quality of poultry rearing as well as increase the livelihood of the rural communities out of its small investment and improve rearing practice of optimal flock size that can give regular income to the family,” the Kra Daadi DIPRO informed in a release.

Resource persons from the SELCO Foundation imparted the training, under the guidance of ArSRLM block coordinator Donik Tabang and BMM Mobia Yassing, the DIPRO added.