ICR needs more parking spaces

The Techi Takar parking complex located in Bank Tinali, Itanagar, was inaugurated on Wednesday. It has been inaugurated at a time when Itanagar is facing issues with parking in the market areas. Three more parking lots, in Ganga, ESS Sector, and the civil secretariat in Itanagar, are expected to be completed by this year. As the Itanagar Capital Region (ICR) is growing, parking is becoming a major issue day by day. There are not enough spaces for parking in the ICR.

Apart from the market areas, even the colonies’ residents are struggling in terms of parking in the colonies. Due to the lack of parking space, people are parking their vehicles on the roads. This not only causes traffic congestion but is unsafe even for the car owners. The ICR administration, along with the Itanagar Municipal Corporation, will have to make sincere efforts to develop more public parking spaces. More parking lots will have to be constructed to meet future needs. The authorities should identify places where parking lots can be constructed. The twin towns of Itanagar and Naharlagun are very congested. The development of parking lots should be one of the priorities of the state government. If Itanagar wants to be truly smart, every aspect will have to be upgraded, including parking spaces.