No one is in peace

— Kalyan Kumar Dutta
VKVPTC -Banderdewa

The Child dreams to grow faster
Fancying the fruit of youth is tastier
The grownup wishes to get back his past
Sour taste of age makes his downcast

The married man seeks divorce
For his mind is overloaded with force
The bachelor wants to be engaged
He crosses with parents and gets enraged.

The rich searches for the mental comfort
Finds no gratification in his own fort
The poor craves to be affluent
So he strives hard like an ant.

The in-service man is squeezed by his boss
A single day’s rest incurs him heavy loss
The unemployed madly craze for jobs
Being failure does nothing but sobs.

The famed wants to hide in back stage
For him recognition is a golden cage
The layman wants to earn his popularity
For every petty action he gives priority.

This is a universal message my brother
The needs chase one after another
However one tries to make life ease
His every action notifies, no one is in peace.