Deal strictly with rumour mongers

A rumour of an alleged child lifter gang being active in Sinchung in West Kameng district recently created panic among the citizens. The situation turned so worse that the local police and administration had to swing into action and start an investigation into the claims. After an investigation by the police, the claims were found to be unfounded and without any proof. No one could substantiate their claim with proper proof. However, the damage was done and the whole Singchung area had to live in fear for days.

The police and the administration issued a strict warning against rumour mongers and managed to bring the situation under control. It is unbecoming of rumour mongers to start a rumour which can create mayhem in society. Many a time, even religious tension starts with such kinds of false rumours. The police and the administration need to come down strongly on these kinds of rumour mongers. Unless strong action is initiated against such criminals, they will continue to create trouble. With the internet becoming cheap and easily available, it becomes very easy to start rumour mongering. Just one false WhatsApp message can end up causing trouble. It is time the administration started coming down heavily on such people who intend to create problems in the society by indulging in false rumour-mongering.