Workshops on writing, reading organised

TEZU, 2 Aug: ‘Saturday story – Time with Didi’s’ – a series of four workshops held every Saturday to encourage school students to read books and tell and listen to stories – drew a large crowd at the Bamboosa Library here in Lohit district during July.

The programme, organised by the Bamboosa Library, was conducted by the Forum of Activists of Lohit Youth Libraries (FALYL). Over 100 students from government upper primary schools participated in the workshops.

During the month-long programme, senior activists of the forum, led by story teller Keselo Tayang, regaled the listeners with select stories, while Sakelu Chikro, Solina Kambrai and Nishanlu Kri read out witty poems and riddles.

Bethem Marai and Jeenamsi Ngadong conducted read-aloud story sessions, while Banika Kri told a story in Hindi.

Lohit DC’s CA AK Ghosh, student participants Yuki Yun, Ritvik and Neha, and FALYL secretary Keselo Tayang also spoke.