Letter to APPSC regarding economics paper

I would like to draw the kind attention of Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC) regarding recruitment test conducted for the post of PGT on 7th August 2018. The commission is infamous for getting involved in various controversies since past many years and seems they have not learnt anything from the past incident.
I would like to express my disappointment and grievances for early redressal before declaring the result.
1. Many questions came out of syllabus prescribed for the post of PGT Economics by the APPSC- what is the point of prescribing syllabus if questions have to be set outside the frame of the syllabus? APPSC authorities need to examine the question paper of PGT Economics held on 7th August 2022 so that in near future such mistakes are avoided which can invite PIL for re-examination.
2. There were many questions which had wrong answer options- for example Question set D
“Q.66 Global competitiveness report is released by which of the following organization?
A) World Bank. B) World Trade Organization C) European union D) International Monetary Fund,” now the correct answer is “World Economic Forum” which is not in the options
ii). As per Question set D, Q.18 The Reserve Bank of India issues currency notes through A) Fixed Fiduciary System B) Maximum Fiduciary System C) Maximum Reserve System D) Proportional Reserves System,” the right answer is fixed minimum reserve system which is nowhere to be found in the options.
Likewise there may are questions like Qs no-65 & 94 etc. whose answer options have no right option.

iii) As per my question set D, Question no: 49, 50, 23, 24 & Q. 52 are set outside the syllabus, including 1 question of geometric mean.
Therefore, I would like to request APPSC to rectify its error before declaring results by awarding marks for all the wrong questions and clearly instruct vendors who set question papers to set questions only within the framed syllabus.
PGT Economics