Stop encroachment of govt. land

I would like to draw the attention of concern department and district administration against rampant encroachment in Reserve forest area in Sibo Siang colony, Pasighat.
It is saddening to see people occupying govt. land while administration is showing no interest in taking action against the encroachers. People are cutting down the trees, clearing the swathes of jungle in broad day light without fear of the laws and govt.
All the residents of the area have not been given land allotment certificates as a case is pending against encroachers in Sessions Court, Pasighat since many years.
The other half which was strictly prohibited from being encroached is now being encroached, houses have been constructed but no one is taking it seriously and not taking necessary action against encroachers. People are occupying the land and openly selling it.
The attitude of concern department on this case is questionable. Department should conduct regular vigilance in this area, since this area is already disputed and sensitive area.
They even fail to carry out simple eviction which has led people to encroach more without fear or hesitation.
I fear that govt. would be unable to do anything if there is mass encroachment.
This is the right time to stop further encroachment.
I implore the DFO, Pasighat and DC, Pasighat to initiate action against the encroachers and punish them according to appropriate section of laws, so that no one would dare to repeat the same approach to occupy the govt. land in future.
Concern citizen,