Three Stages of Sun

— Kalyan Kumar Dutta

The rising scarlet sun spread its smile
With a hope to cover many-many miles
Resemblance to simper of a happy child
Both are assuredly charming and mild
So looking at them a deuce also smiled.

As the time advances it becomes vehement
Glows above the head like a flaming filament
Transfuse the earth and the sky brightly
The way a youth does his work sprightly
Aiming at the target earns his fame widely.

The sinking sunshine fades gradually
Surrounds all its buoyant casually
Same way a bloomy man loses his vigour
Leaving behind all hope and eager
Seeks farewell from his flimsy figure.

Every new sun gives us a new beginning
Teeming many new challenges and warning
Heed to your deeds and leave no stone unturned
You will be paid off what you have earned
Bear in mind, gold does not glow until it is burned.