Advertise vacant posts

A few months back, an annual exam calendar was published on the public service commi-ssion’s website. It mentioned about the 47 vacant posts to be conducted under the APPSCCE. But there has not been any advertisement yet. Perhaps it might take a few more months for the advertisement due to the issue regarding the PRC and non-PRC holders.
I desire to bring the attention of the commission to the matter of age bar. There are just a few more months left for many candidates to cross the eligible age for the exam. There are many serious candidates who have been preparing for civil service since years. The delay in advertisement would just deprive some aspiring candidates.
The outcome of the committee set up for the PRC issue can be implemented in the succeeding APPSCCE exams. Till then, the advertisement of the available vacant post would be a justice for aspiring aged candidates.
Aspiring aged