DA calls off S&R operation for Mra and Dao owing to extreme weather conditions

Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, 21 Sep:  The search and rescue (S&R) operation for missing mountaineer Tapi Mra and his assistant Niku Dao has reportedly been called off Wednesday owing to extreme weather conditions and poor visibility at base camp areas of Mt. Khyarii Satam.

Mra and Dao have been missing since 17 August.

In a press statement issued by the district administration, DC Pravimal Abhishek Polumatla informed, “Based on the inputs received from the on-ground rescue team and Indian army, it was decided to end the current S&R Op to ensure no injury or threat of life to any rescue team member.”

The DC added that S&R Op team had experienced multiple minor avalanches during their movements near camp-2 area.

 “Our prime objective was to ensure safety of the rescue team members and do not put another person’s life in danger while executing the operation,” said DC Abhishek in the statement.

DC further added that on ground rescue team had reported that it was extremely dangerous to proceed further and stay in the camp-2 area due to bad weather, presence of crevasses and avalanches.

Mountaineers Taru Hai, Tame Bagang, Taka Tamut and Kishon Tekseng are among the S&R Op team with Indian army.

Bagang had to return to Seppa on 14 September due to a family emergency.

Indian army pilot lieutenant colonel Santosh Kumar Roy has narrated the challenges and difficulties being faced by the S&R Op.

“From Indian army aviation, we put our best efforts by taking all risks in difficult and challenging weather, we tried our best efforts,” Roy said, adding that the Indian army is on standby and will continue the rescue operation as and when called by the government.