Historic decision

Transparency is one of the key components of an effective justice delivery system. Opaque, obscure, and inaccessible systems, however well-intended it may be, will only result in erosion of public faith and widen the gulf. The Supreme Court’s historic decision to livestream the constitution bench hearings on its website is a step in the right direction and would go a long way in strengthening democracy. It would bring accountability to the legal profession and help strengthen people’s faith in the judiciary.

If the common public can witness the proceedings in the apex court that address key questions concerning democracy, governance, and social issues, it would lead to greater accountability on the part of judges and lawyers. The proposal to have an exclusive platform to livestream Supreme Court proceedings was part of the third phase of the e-courts project, which is an ambitious initiative to implement the use of information and technology in the judiciary. Though the apex court had given the nod for livestreaming in 2018, there was not much headway for nearly two years. Post-Covid, there is a genuine belief that livestreaming of court proceedings is a good option and therefore the SC has agreed to it.