Every part of NE will be connected with 4G: Union MoS Chadrasekhar

Kohima, Sep 27 (PTI) Union Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar on Tuesday said the entire north east will have 4G connectivity and every part of Nagaland will get access to internet.

Chandrasekhar, the Union Minister of State for Electronics and Information Technology, announced this during a press conference held in Dimapur on Tuesday, the last day of his three-day visit to Nagaland.

The union minister said Nagaland and the entire North East will have minimum of 4G connectivity as part of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of connecting all Indians, with an approach that ‘No one is left behind’.

“Every part of Nagaland will get access to internet with BSNL and private companies playing an important role,” he said, adding that digital connectivity across the region will usher in development and create new opportunities for young Indians.

In a meeting with Dimapur district administration officials, Chandrasekhar who is also the Union Minister of State for Entrepreneurship and Skill Development stressed that skilling efforts for any district should be designed, based on what the young people of the region want to do.

“The plan should be based on aspirations of young people, on what they want to do and also there should be an outcome to the effort either as job or entrepreneurship,” he said.

Chandrasekhar assured them that the Centre would help in providing the funds, resources and an enabling ecosystem.

He said the central government will extend skilling initiatives to uplift local skills connected to entrepreneurs. Chandrasekhar stressed that every district in Nagaland must create a district skill development plan that is unique to the district with local talent to enhance local economic opportunity.

Before leaving for Delhi, the Union MoS interacted with students of Government College, Dimapur and shared Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision and gave a presentation on ‘New India for Young Indians’.

Urging the students to empower themselves with skills training to pursue their future life choices, he said, “New India offers lot many opportunities than ever before. Success is determined by hard work and capability and not by affiliations to any political or business family or influence. Innovation and skilling are going to drive our future as India steps into what PM Modi terms as India’s Techade.”

Stating that the eight years of Modi government has turned the old narrative of democracy on its head, Chandrasekhar said, “Previously, Indian democracy was considered dysfunctional and corrupt, but now, thanks to the Digital India programme launched by PM Modi in 2015, every single rupee is directly transferred into the accounts of the beneficiary living in remotest corners of the country.”

He also informed them that Government College, Dimapur would soon be converted into a skills training hub under the Skill India Mission and that the students can avail of the opportunities to get themselves future-ready.