Aspirations of the unemployed cannot be held hostage

Remember the confusion when NEET and JEE MAINS were first introduced in the state. As things stand, it’s for everyone to see that the system for selecting the candidates for state quota is still the same. Nothing changed for the candidates, except for the entrance exams being conducted by a highly-competent national agency. A win-win for both the aspirant and competition.
Why not follow the same model for recruitment? It is actually possible to do so for selecting candidates for state civil services and graduate engineers. Until the time APPSC prove its credentials, which will take a long time, reformation and all, I would request the government to decisively act on the following:
Use the marks from UPSC CSAT (prelims) to shortlist candidates for the mains exam for recruitment to state civil services. APPSC still has to conduct the mains and viva. It shouldn’t be hard to source the prelims score from UPSC.
Use GATE scores to shortlist candidates for interview to graduate engineers (AE) recruitment. Most PSU’s nowadays make their recruitment this way.
This will benefit all the deserving candidates. The commission must be overhauled to start the process for re-conducting all cancelled exams for the aspirations of the unemployed cannot be held hostage by a few corrupt people.
All this, but if the wrongdoers aren’t tainted with the black dot of termination, there will be no deterrent to prevent a scam like this from happening again.
A citizen,