5 creative career options to pursue

Etching out a creative career can be a real challenge as it involves doggedly pursuing your passion and working through the initial ups and downs. The first step to reaching success depends on your willingness to think out of the box. As social media has invaded our daily life and increased the visibility of careers with a creative spark, now is your chance to grab eyeballs. So without further adieu, here are 5 creative career options to place you far from the madding crowd.

Stand-up comedy: With the swift rise of digital media content, stand-up comedy is one performance art that has substantially grown over the last decade. Comedians come from a variety of professional backgrounds. No prior experience is required for this career. Most comedians start performing part-time at open-mics and bars — the successful ones can become instant celebrities.

Writing: Writing is a profession that will never go out of fashion. If you enjoy writing down your thoughts, you can consider taking up a career as a writer. The field is vast and includes content writing, creative writing, blogging, editing, scriptwriting, screenwriting and book writing.

Make-up Artist: Make-up artists have come into their own over the last few years. You need to be versatile and monitor the latest fashion trends to become successful in this field. Work varies from designing make-up and hairstyles to taking care of whole events.

Food Photography & Blogging: The diverse culinary range of India can inspire you to have a creative career in food photography and blogging. Food preparation and presentation are equally in this specific field. Attention to detail, organising skills, multitasking capabilities and time management are some of the crucial skills required for the profession. You need to follow your passion as there’s no specific course that teaches you to capture the essence of food.

YouTuber: This is a unique profession that has grown substantially during the pandemic. It involves creating easily consumable and engrossing videos on a topic you are passionate about and publishing them on YouTube. A lot of hard work can go into becoming a successful YouTuber. There is no course that teaches you how to become successful in this domain. It depends on your content and how you present the same.

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