Music Miracle

– Kalyan Kumar Dutta
VKV PTC -Banderdewa

Music is an exotic form of protean art
It washes away frowzy spiritual dirt
Its zestfulness provides a soft temperament
So music dulcifies our every moment.

In sooth music is a celestial carrier
Transcends all kind of linguistic barrier
It enframes people in a united garland
That is why it doesn’t have any definite land.

Music can bring out deepest emotions
Checking out our bothersome actions
A blissful existence enjoys by a music lover
In every moment a new creation he can cover.

Music gives recourse to the stressed people
A tough mind changes into a supple
Enchanting effect of it refines an injured soul
By sanctifying and pioneering our goal.

Music is a painless flavoured vaccine
An alternative called magical medicine
Understanding music is the highest worship
A man with music achieves the lordship.