Chakmas, Hajongs giving misleading religious colour to protest

The Chakma and Hajong leaders who are protesting in Delhi against the cancellation of their residential proof certificates (RPC) by the state government, in a surprising move have given a religious colour to the whole issue. They have invited Hindu right wing leaders to join the protest and speak for their rights. To the utter shock of everyone, the Chakma and Hajong leaders claim that Buddhist and Hindu communities are facing threat in the state. This is wrong propaganda and will hurt the image of the state.

Contrary to their claim, the indigenous Buddhist tribes and Hindu communities are living happily in the state. The chief minister, the deputy chief minister and the speaker of the Arunachal legislative assembly belong to indigenous Buddhist tribes. There are lakhs of Hindus living peacefully and earning livelihood in the state without any concern. Arunachal Pradesh is a deeply secular state.

The Chakmas and Hajongs, who originally hail from Bangladesh, were temporarily settled in the state when they fled their country starting 1964 due to religious persecution and construction of the Kaptai dam. The indigenous tribes of the state continue to oppose their settlement in the state. The government of India has failed to find a solution to this decades-old Chakma and Hajong refugee problem. The longer this issue drags on, the more it is going to create tension in the state.