Adani crisis: BJP hits back at billionaire investor George Soros

New Delhi, 17 Feb: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Friday launched a frontal attack on billionaire investor George Soros, accusing him of not only targeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi but also the Indian democratic system so that people “hand-picked” by him get to run the government here.
Soros, who has been associated with various causes, has said the turmoil engulfing Gautam Adani’s business empire that has “shaken” the faith in India as an investment opportunity may open the door to a “democratic revival” in the country.
As the BJP seized on his remarks with senior leader Smriti Irani telling a press conference that a war is being mounted against India and what stands between the war and India’s interests is Modi, the Congress said whether the Adani issue sparks a democratic revival depends entirely on the opposition parties and has nothing to do with Soros.
Irani suggested that critics like Soros have begun attacking the country after it emerged as the fifth largest economy.
The public expression of praise for Modi from the US and French presidents and the British prime minister have rattled them as they want a “weak” India and a “weak” government here, she claimed. “India has defeated imperialistic designs earlier too and will do so again,” she asserted.
“He wants a government that is pliable to his needs for making his nefarious plans successful. It is evident from his statements that he has declared funding of over one billion dollars particularly to ‘target’ leaders like PM Modi, which is significant,” she said.
Soros has announced his intention to destroy Indian democracy so that people hand-picked by him run the government here, she alleged. Designs to weaken Indian democracy will be met with the might of India under PM Modi’s leadership, she said.
Calling for everyone to speak in one voice against Soros, she said any political organisation that seeks to serve India’s interests will stand in solidarity with the country and against the investor.
Irani, though, added that Soros wants a government which is pliable to his needs is more than “evident” from his statements.
Congress General Secretary Jairam Ramesh said India’s Nehruvian legacy ensures people like Soros cannot determine its electoral outcomes.
While Irani made no direct reference to the Congress, some BJP spokespersons, including Shehzad Poonawalla and R P Singh, questioned the party’s links with Soros. Has Rahul Gandhi ever met Soros, Singh asked.
Soros had announced that he will target India’s democratic system and Modi will be at the centre of his attack, she said, adding he wants an order in the country which will protect his, and not India’s, interests. (PTI)
Those who receive funding from him should get this message that India under Modi will not bow its head and continue to march ahead.
To a question, Irani said Soros’s statements should not be merely seen as an attempt to tarnish Modi’s image as he is also talking about changing the government.
The Adani Group has been under severe pressure since the US short-seller Hindenburg Research on January 24 accused it of accounting fraud and stock manipulation, allegations that the conglomerate has denied as “malicious”, “baseless” and a “calculated attack on India”. (PTI)