Not everybody wrote the exam in Chandni hotel


The APPSC executed a crime right under the nose of the government of AP but the protesters want to punish those qualified officers for writing and clearing exams. Rather than going after Taket Jerang and the government nexus, protesters are targeting hardworking officers. Is the government protecting Taket Jerang? Why are protesters not demanding strict action against Taket Jerang? He should be treated like any other hardcore criminal, so that he reveals more culprits.

Why are the protesters demanding null & void? Do the protesters believe that Taket Jerang sold papers to all the qualified officers and they all wrote exams at Chandini hotel? Null & void demand might facilitate an escape route for both the government and the APPSC, and unfortunately, protesters seem to be helping this process. Probably, the government and the APPSC know the truth and their involvement in crime cannot be ruled out.

Is the CBI and the ED more effective than SIT, or is it just an attempt to prolong and protect the culprits? Why no investigation/arrest despite some probable names circulating on social media?

Depending too much on central agencies and institutions might have side effects. Just because the APPSC is rotten, the autonomy of a state should not be discouraged and curtailed.

Tone Mickrow