PPA expresses resentment over handling of paper leak case, Gangkak’s death

ITANAGAR, 11 Mar: The People’s Party of Arunachal (PPA) said that it strongly resents the manner in which the state government is handling the Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC) paper leak scam and the case of the death of former APPSC undersecretary Tumi Gangkak in mysterious circumstances.

“Since the day all the cases pertaining to the scam were endorsed to the CBI, the investigation seems to be moving at a snail’s pace and the popular opinion of broadening the scope of investigation is yet to become a reality,” the party stated in a press release, and accused the state government of “mischievously shifting its primary responsibilities to the APPSC, which again is yet to formally take charge.”

The party further said that, “despite repeated appeals, our demand for an all-party meeting on the issue was also never accepted.”

It said that “difference of public opinion on the contentious issue of null & void of exams conducted by the APPSC (2014-2022) should be discussed on a wider platform and a middle path should have been worked out previously by the state government.”

On the death of Gangkak, the PPA said that “the manner and circumstances under which the mortal remains of late Gangkak was found on the Ganga Lake road only points to a larger conspiracy as he was one of the prime witnesses in the ongoing APPSC paper leak scam.

 “If a witness in a highly sensitive case goes missing one evening and is found dead the very next day, it speaks volumes about the law and order situation in the entire state, more particularly the state capital, and also points towards the inefficiency of the state government,” it said, adding that the allegations made by Gangkak’s bereaved family “are very serious in nature and should not be overlooked.”

Besides calling for “early tracing and arrest of all person(s) involved,” it said that “the entire facet of the investigation into the matter should be brought in the public domain.”