Modi govt’s zero-tolerance policy towards terrorism will continue: Amit Shah

HYDERABAD, 12 Mar: Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Sunday stressed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi government’s policy of zero-tolerance towards terrorism will continue.
Speaking at the 54th Raising Day Parade of CISF here, he said separatism, terrorism and anti-national activities in any part of the country will be dealt with firmly.
Highlighting the role of CAPF (Central Armed Police Forces) and state police in the fight against terror, he termed it ‘significant’ and said it has been demonstrated in the last nine years.
Noting that under the leadership of PM Modi, the Centre has successfully tackled several internal security challenges in the last nine years, he affirmed that violence in Kashmir, Northeast and Left Wing Extremism-affected areas is coming down substantially, while the people’s confidence is increasing.
The number of people involved in terror-related activities is on the decline and many are laying down arms and returning to the mainstream, he said.
Averring that any country can make progress only if the security of its airports, ports and industrial establishments is assured, Shah praised CISF personnel since its inception for their services to the country.
The security of airports, ports and other establishments of national importance is very important if the target of five trillion dollar economy set by PM Modi is to be realized, he said, expressing confidence that CISF would meet the challenges in the future.
The Union Home Ministry would leave no stone unturned to equip the CISF with the modern technologies to face the challenges of the future to ensure the security of airports, ports and others, he added.
Referring to media reports on the hybrid model adopted by CISF to train private security agencies, he said the CISF’s role would increase as the force can act as a consultant in private companies.
During the COVID-19 pandemic, CISF performed duties at several airports and railway stations as first responders.
He paid homage to the CISF personnel who sacrificed their lives in the line of duty since its inception.
CISF Director General (DG) Sheel Vardhan Singh spoke on the occasion.(PTI)
For the first time, the CISF is holding its annual Raising Day celebrations out of Delhi-National Capital Region (NCR) at the CISF National Industrial Security Academy (NISA) at Hakimpet here. (PTI)