Provide better amenities to police personnel

Recently, a library for the personnel and families of the East Kameng police department, named ‘Prabodhan’, was opened in district headquarters Seppa. This makes East Kameng the first district in Arunachal Pradesh to have a gym and a library for the police personnel and their families. The East Kameng district police deserve appreciation for making such efforts. The police personnel make a lot of sacrifices while performing their duties. They don’t get enough time to take care of themselves and their families.

The opening of the library and the gym will not only help them but also their families. Apart from it, the police should also regularly start yoga and other recreation activities for the police personnel. A family counsellor should also be posted in the headquarters to counsel the families of the police personnel. Especially at the lower level, so many cases of domestic violence are reported due to alcohol addiction, etc. The Arunachal Pradesh Police is a relatively new police force and still much is needed to develop it as a strong force.