Khonsa jailbreak raises questions

The manner in which two NSCN operatives escaped from the central jail in Tirap HQ Khonsa raises serious questions over the security preparedness of the jail authorities. The NSCN operatives, Roksen Homcha Lowang and Titpu Kitnya, not only snatched an AK-47 service rifle from IRBn constable Wangnyam Bosai, they killed him with the same rifle. It is difficult to make out how the duo managed to snatch the rifle and fire upon him without being confronted by other guards in the jail. What were the other guards posted in the jail doing when they were carrying out the audacious jail outbreak?

Khonsa jail is no stranger to jailbreaks. In 2013, seven undertrial prisoners had escaped from the same jail. Interestingly, on that day, one one Loliam Latey Lowang, who reportedly heads the NSCN-K (Niki-Sumi) faction in Arunachal Pradesh, had also escaped. NSCN operative Roksen Homcha is believed to be one of his close associates. Therefore, there is every possibility that this whole escape was meticulously planned. Now the focus is on re-arresting the duo. The security personnel are carrying out a combing operation to nab them. However, once the dust settles, the state police should conduct proper inquiry into the whole jailbreak. Those responsible for the security lapses should be punished. The jail authorities across the state should learn from this incident and beef up security in their respective prisons.