BJP-led Union govt wants to change Constitution, curtail people’s rights: Priyanka Gandhi

RAIPUR, 21 Apr: Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi on Sunday said the BJP-led union government wants to change the Constitution and curtail the rights of people.

Addressing a rally in Chhattisgarh’s Balod in support of the Congress’ Kanker Lok Sabha candidate Biresh Thakur, she also decried the use of religion in politics and said this was never the tradition of the country.

“The Constitution has given you the right to vote, given you reservations, ensured protection of tribal culture and facilitated the development of Dalits. The BJP-led union government wants to change this Constitution and curtail people’s rights,” she claimed.

She said any change in the Constitution will impact everyone and people would not be able to lead a respectable life since their rights would be lost, including that of asking questions.

The intention of the BJP-led Centre is not right, the senior Congress leader alleged.

Asserting that “show off politics” had gained ground and was the trend in the country, she said, “Today, when a leader performs puja, a camera must be there and it should be seen on television. There has to be showing off.”

“Indiraji (former prime minister Indira Gandhi) had a puja room to perform rituals but she did it in solitude. It was not to show off. Religion should not be used in politics as it has not been our tradition,” the Congress leader further said.

Religion means truth and service and if a leader makes false promises from the stage, then he or she is neither religious nor on the path of truth, Gandhi asserted.(PTI)