Step out to protect democracy: Kharge, Gandhi

NEW DELHI, 26 Apr: Stressing on the importance of each vote, Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge and party leader Rahul Gandhi on Friday issued impassioned appeals, asking people to step out and exercise their franchise in the second phase of the Lok Sabha election.
While Kharge urged voters to come out and vote to protect democracy from the clutches of dictatorship, Gandhi asked them to come out and be soldiers of the Constitution.
Addressing citizens of the country, Gandhi said, “Today is the second phase of this historic election which is going to decide the fate of the country. Your vote will decide whether the next government will be of ‘a few billionaires’ or of ‘140 crore Indians’.”
“Therefore, it is the duty of every citizen to step out of their homes today and become a ‘soldier of the Constitution’ and vote to protect democracy,” Gandhi said in Hindi in a post on X, using the hashtag “#Vote4INDIA”.
Echoing him, Kharge said that this is not an ordinary election and voters should not be swayed by any diversionary tactics.
“‘We, the people of India’ – this soul of the Constitution of India should reverberate in your hearts and minds before you push the voting button…”
“Always make your vote count. For it may change the lives of 140 crore Indians by bringing the paradigm of yuva nyay, nariman nyay, kishan nyay, shramik nyay and hissedari nyay,” Kharge said.
He asked people to imagine a future where justice, freedom, equality and liberty are guaranteed, promising a future of rapid inclusive growth and transformative policies.
“My dear first time voters, cut the clutter and distance the din, for you are the real changemakers and I welcome each one of you in this movement for democracy,” the Congress chief added.
Round two of the seven-phase election covers 88 seats in 13 states and union territories. (PTI)