Modi’s jumla


We are the world’s largest democracy. We must preserve what our freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh, Netaji Subash Chandra Bose and Mahatma Gandhi fought for. Let’s not lose this legacy for a power-hungry politician. It is very important that we the people of India wake up and take action before it’s too late.

If you compare the prices of medicines you bought eight months ago with the current prices, you will be shocked to find that the prices of medicines have gone up to 100 percent. Why did these pharmaceutical companies suddenly raise the price of medicines so much? The answer is electoral bond.

Several pharma companies had to pay crores of rupees to the BJP government as forced bribes through electoral bonds. In order to recover this money, the companies had no other alternative but to increase the price of medicines without any control. In return for bribes, the government allowed these companies to increase the prices of even essential medicines. In other words, Narendra Modi has done the biggest corruption shared by the BJP from the word go, colluding with the companies to directly hit the common man’s pockets, which has messed up our family budgets.

Modi has been betraying the people of India to a large extent. Let’s not vote for him again.

Jubel D’Cruz,