Congress will do ‘X-ray’ of country through caste census: Gandhi

NEW DELHI, 12 May: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Sunday targetted Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying that while the BJP has been “counting the notes” it got from “tempo wale billionaires,” his party will conduct a caste census to ensure equality.

The former Congress president was reacting to Modi’s remarks on the Congress receiving cash loaded in tempos from Adani and Ambani.

In a post on X, Gandhi said, “They have been ‘counting notes’ they got from ‘tempo wale billionaires’ for the last 10 years. We will X-ray the country through caste census and ensure equitable share for every section.”

He also shared a party advertisement which takes on the government over the caste census issue.

Gandhi and other Congress leaders have said that the PM should order a CBI or ED probe into whether Adani and Ambani had sent them black money.

The Congress has also asked the prime minister to share his views on a socioeconomic census.

The party in its manifesto has promised to conduct a nationwide socioeconomic and caste census to enumerate the castes and sub-castes and their socioeconomic conditions. (PTI)