Sexual exploitation racket exposes moral degradation of society

The arrest of 15 persons in connection with a sexual exploitation racket involving minor girls aged 10, 12, and 15 by the Itanagar police is an eye-opener for the state. Some of the arrested customers include a senior doctor, an engineer, and even a politician. The moral degradation of society has been exposed through these arrests. The people who are widely respected in society are indulging in such immoral activities. Even though prostitution is illegal, everyone knows that it is rampant, especially in the Itanagar Capital Region (ICR). In the past also, the police made some arrests.

But this is the first time that underage children have been found in a sex racket. What worries most is that these children have been trafficked from neighbouring Assam. It shows that, if not checked properly, interstate trafficking of girl children for prostitution can take place. There are possibilities that girls from Arunachal will also be trafficked to other states. The police, as well as the civil society bodies, will need to remain alert.