Prevalence of drug addiction should be checked

The prevalence of drug addiction in Arunachal has reached concerning levels. Various illicit substances, including marijuana, opioids, synthetic drugs, and prescription medications have infiltrated the state. Especially among youths, drug addiction is extremely serious. It not only seriously harms their physical and mental health, causes malnutrition, damages the respiratory tract and immune system, and causes the spread and infection of many diseases, but also will have an impact on society and induce other illegal crimes.

If measures are not taken immediately, our youths are headed for serious trouble.

First of all, I think schools and colleges should develop educational programmes to educate individuals about the risks associated with substance abuse. Community awareness campaigns should emphasise on prevention, resilience-building, and healthy lifestyle choices to dissuade individuals from initiating drug use.

Then the government should open a help hotline and set up dedicated drug addiction treatment centres to provide comprehensive care to drug addicts, including detoxification, counselling, behavioural therapy and drug intervention. Maintain empathy, provide employment guidance and training to recovered persons, and strive for a better future.

There should be greater cooperation between law enforcement agencies, intelligence units and local communities to curb drug trafficking, arrest suppliers, and dismantle illegal drug networks. Strictly monitor checkpoints and border controls to prevent cross-border circulation of drugs.

Most importantly, families should play a key role and pay more attention to the physical and mental problems of youths.

Avyaan Sharma