Nischay initiative launched in E/Kameng

SEPPA, 1 Jun: The East Kameng district administration has launched Nischay, a priority, pioneering initiative aimed at ensuring the delivery of government services within a stipulated timeframe.

This initiative, inaugurated by Deputy Commissioner Sachin Rana, marks a significant step towards creating a more efficient, transparent, and citizen-centric administration, in alignment with the Right to Service of citizens.

The Nischay initiative is designed to streamline various government services, mandating that each notified department delivers specific services within a predefined timeline. This approach is expected to significantly reduce delays, ensuring that citizens receive on-time responses and resolutions to their requests. By embedding the principles of the Right to Service, Nischay aims to foster a governance model that prioritises the needs and rights of the citizens.

Key features of the Nischay initiative include time-bound service delivery, where each notified department is required to provide designated services within a set timeframe, ensuring prompt and efficient service delivery.

Additionally, the initiative includes accountability mechanisms, allowing citizens to seek redressal by approaching the additional deputy commissioner and the DC if services are not provided within the stipulated timeline. This ensures accountability and provides a direct channel for citizens to address any delays or issues encountered.

The initiative also emphasises a transparent, responsive, and responsible administrative process, enhancing public trust and satisfaction in government services.

“We are confident that the Nischay initiative will significantly improve the efficiency of our service delivery system and serve as a model for other districts in Arunachal Pradesh,” said Rana.

“This initiative reflects our commitment to a governance framework that upholds the principles of the Right to Service and prioritises the wellbeing of our citizens. The East Kameng district administration invites all residents to take full advantage of the Nischay initiative and assures its continuous support to ensure its successful implementation,” he said. (PTI)