One dies in SUV accident

ROING, 3 Jun: A young man was charred to death in a tragic accident that occurred on the Roing-Dambuk highway between an SUV and a tractor here on Sunday night, while two others suffered serious injuries.

Late Jeevan Lakra, who was driving the SUV, was pinned to his seat as the vehicle crashed and caught on fire. Although a couple of persons tried to pull him out of the burning vehicle, Lakra could not be saved and he died burning with the vehicle. Owner of the SUV, who was severely injured in the accident, tried to help the deceased but could not after losing consciousness. As per information, he is being treated in the ICU in Dibrugarh.

As videos of the incident went viral, people have started questioning humanity, and have displayed outrage over the people making the videos instead of helping the poor man.

Moreover, some media houses had reported the accident victim to be the son of recently elected MLA Puinnyo Apum without trying to find the ground reality. The family members have expressed that such irresponsible reporting cause disturbance and are uncalled for.

Lakra and his family reside in Dambuk in the compound of MLA Apum, and are indeed treated as family by the MLA as they have been serving him since many years.