RGU hosts Yuvamanthan MUN

RONO HILLS, 4 Jun: Rajiv Gandhi University (RGU) here hosted the Yuvamanthan Model United Nations (MUN) recently under the Viksit Bharat initiative, aiming to engage youths in global dialogue on international diplomacy, leadership and collective duty, with the central theme of ‘Lifestyle for environment’.

The event saw participation of more than 15 students, representing over 10 nations. It was chaired by Yagyaj, a final year student from the English department.

The discussions centered on “reducing carbon footprints, promoting renewable energy sources, implementing sustainable waste management, conserving natural resources, formulating policy frameworks to support environmental sustainability, and so on,” the university informed in a release.

“Delegates were divided into committees, each focusing on specific aspects of environmental sustainability. Robust debates and discussions took place, with delegates presenting their respective countries’ stances on the theme. The delegates collaborated to draft comprehensive resolutions aimed at promoting sustainable lifestyles,” it said.

The resolutions, including practical steps that nations could implement to mitigate environmental issues, which were passed during the event, will be forwarded to the relevant authorities and organisations to influence policymaking processes.

The programme was coordinated by RGU Social Work Department Assistant Professor Dr Ravi Ranjan Kumar and assistant professors from various other departments, the release stated.