The RSS’ about-turn


So the RSS has ‘sternly admonished’ its political wing, the BJP, and its leader for expressing arrogance and indulgence in bitter election campaign endangering social harmony.

Would the country be kindly enlightened why the RSS had continuously failed to view the arrogance and communal electoral campaign of the top mandarins of the BJP for as many as 10 years while donning constitutional seats?

While the BJP’s stalwarts have been spewing hatred at all its opponents, using language not befitting their positions for a full decade, crucial bills have been passed without any sort of debate, and valiant leaders of the opposition have been suspended from the House only for expressing dissent, with the worst treatment meted out to Rahul Gandhi and Mahua Moitra.

Manipur is literally burning since May 2023 with hundreds killed and several thousands displaced and languishing in refugee camps. Where were the leaders of the RSS then? Why didn’t they publicly order the top mandarins of the government to rush to Manipur and control the mayhem?

Now that the Indian electorate have delivered a huge electoral and moral thrashing to the ‘messenger of god’, with the survival of the saffron government now fully dependent upon the whims of its allies – the trump card being the BJP getting evicted from both seats of the double engine in Manipur – the RSS suddenly remembers the arson in Manipur.

What a gem of saffron hypocrisy indeed!

Kajal Chatterjee,


Peerless Nagar, Kolkata