8th LA’s first session

Be cognisant of responsibilities and people’s trust, guv tells legislators¬†

ITANAGAR, 15 Jun: Governor KT Parnaik said that the members of the Legislative Assembly (LA) should be cognisant of their responsibilities and the trust reposed in them by the people.

Addressing the first session of the 8th LA of the state here on Saturday, Parnaik said that “the mandate given by the people reflects a clear desire for continued development, policy stability, and good governance.”

He advised the legislators to “maintain the highest standards of probity, transparency, and accountability in all the projects you undertake.”

“I am sure that a vision document for the state, enumerating broader goals and the principles to achieve them, will prove an invaluable guide for the continued progress of our state,” he said, and exhorted the legislators to strive to “build a prosperous and vibrant Arunachal Pradesh, where every citizen can achieve their full potential.”

Stating that the prime minister’s vision of reform, perform, and transform is particularly relevant to the people of Arunachal, he said that “this multidimensional approach to reform requires leadership from us, performance by our administration, and active participation of the people, leading to a transformative impact on our society.”

“We shall (also) focus on the prime minister’s principles of speed, scale, scope, and standards to enhance our productivity, improve the quality of our products, and ensure that our development is sustainable and inclusive.”

Reminding the legislators that public service requires sacrifice, dedication and commitment, he told them to work faithfully and tirelessly undertake the responsibilities as members of the august House.

In his 33-minute address, the governor highlighted the endeavours of the state government and the focus areas it has prioritised, particularly governance reforms, enhanced quality of life of citizens, fulfilling the youths’ aspirations, and investment for development.

He said that the government will introduce bottom-up planning, involving “preparation of district-level vision and development plans in consultation with the stakeholders, ensuring effective and inclusive development at the last mile.”

Parnaik added that the state government will launch the “SEE – skill development, entrepreneurship, and employment – trinity to completely reorient the entire ecosystem in the interest of the youths, and provide 25,000+ employment and self-employment opportunities for the youths in the next five years.”

Reiterating that maintaining peace and security is fundamental for development, he said that the state government will ensure effective implementation of the three newly introduced criminal laws: the Bharatiya Nyaya Sanhita, the Bharatiya Nagarik Suraksha Sanhita, and the Bharatiya Sakshya Adhiniyams of 2023.

He applauded the state government for initiating “pink patrolling with PCR vehicles as part of our ongoing efforts to enhance women’s safety, gender equality, and safety in our communities.” (Raj Bhavan)