Sweet Relief

Kalyan Kumar Dutta
VKV, Kharsang

After a week of sweltering heat,
Relief has come, oh what a treat.
Installed an inverter, cool air flows,
A pleasant feeling, comfort grows.

The sun beat down, the days were long,
Heat waves strong, relentless throng.
But now, cool breezes gently play,
Chasing the scorching heat away.

Sweat and toil in the summer’s blaze,
Now replaced by restful days.
Electric hum, a soothing sound,
Peace and calm at last are found.

Inverter’s hum, a melody sweet,
Turns the tide of the summer heat.
Oh, what joy, what sweet relief,
From the sun’s persistent grief.

Now, in comfort, I repose,
Gone are the days of endless woes.
A pleasant feeling fills the air,
Inverter’s gift, beyond compare.