Is Polo Park worth the entry fee?


Polo Park in Naharlagun has been a place of solace and rejuvenation for the residents of Naharlagun. It is the only place in Naharlagun that provides a decent space for hanging out, physical activities, etc. Our very own IG Park in Itanagar is one of the best and well-maintained parks around and there is no ‘entry fee’, whereas on the other hand, an entry fee of about Rs 20 per person is charged at Polo Park, which does not do justice to its beauty and ambience, to be blunt.

At least a proper official order from the forest department, if there is one, has to be pasted at the entrance for public information.

This, as such, is causing inconvenience to regular joggers and children who come to play at the park daily. The very least that the department concerned could do is to either reduce the entry fee for adults and provide exemption for children, or completely overhaul the park with proper and on-time maintenance.

Hage Tara,