Cricket star Riyan Parag becomes brand ambassador of Royal Global University

GUWAHATI, 19 Jun: Royal Global University (RGU) announced that it has pulled in the celebrated national-level cricketer from Assam Riyan Parag to be its Brand Ambassador.

Addressing the “signing ceremony’ of Parag as brand ambassador of RGU, at the university campus on Wednesday, chancellor Dr. A. K Pansari said, “By welcoming Riyan Parag into our family, we are not just associating with a sports icon, but with a symbol of dedication, hard work, and excellence.” “Riyan’s journey from Assam to the national cricket stage embodies the aspirations of countless young minds,” Pansari said and added that “his presence will undoubtedly inspire our students to dream big and achieve greatness.”

Academics chairperson Dr. A.K Buragohain highlighted the significance of this partnership for the university and the broader community.

In his speech Riyan Parag, expressing his enthusiasm for this new role, said, “I am deeply honoured to be associated with Royal Global University.” “This institution’s commitment to fostering education and personal growth resonates with my own journey in cricket. I am excited to be part of the university’s flagship campaign ‘Northeast Can’t Wait. Join the Change,’ and I look forward to inspiring students to pursue their dreams with the same passion and determination that has driven me in my career,” added Riyan Parag.

The collaboration will see Parag playing a central role in the second phase of the university’s ongoing campaign “Padho! Kuch Bano. Padhega Northeast Badhega Northeast.” This phase, dubbed “Northeast Can’t Wait. Join the Change,” aims to inspire students from the Northeast to pursue higher studies with a sense of urgency and enthusiasm.