Shameful act of damaging bridge

The report of student activists damaging the Bailey bridge over the Kumey River near Dha Hills in Gangte circle of Kra Daadi district on Thursday is deeply worrying. The incident left commuters stranded on either side of the river. It is learnt that tension erupted over the reelection of the All Palin Chambang Yangte Gangte Tarak Langdi Students’ Union (APCYGTSU) scheduled to be conducted from 20 to 23 June at the government secondary school in Gangte. Whoever has damaged the bridge should be immediately arrested and strongly punished for the criminal act.

No amount of justification can justify the act of damaging the bridge. Just for a mere area student election, these young children are damaging such an important infrastructure. They should be ashamed of their criminal behaviour. These same people keep crying for improvement of road communication. But they did not think twice about damaging the bridge. The society also needs to introspect in this regard. How long can we tolerate such kinds of antisocial activities? The damage to the bridge has brought much shame to the entire state. The authorities should act quickly and punish the culprits before time runs out.