Step needed to stop bullying in schools

Recently I saw news reports about a series of bad things happening in schools. A 15-year-old student of VKV in Anjaw committed suicide on the banks of the Lohit River due to negligence of school management. Fifteen students of Class 8 were allegedly assaulted by their seniors in Bordumsa’s Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya (JNV) hostel.
Shockingly, this is not the first time that bullying has been reported from a JNV. In 2018, JNV Doimukh reported physical assault of junior students by seniors.
What can be done to reduce the occurrence of tragedies? I think schools should play a key role, formulate and improve various measures to prevent and deal with student bullying, and promptly and properly handle student bullying incidents.
Comprehensively investigate the campus safety management system, and implement safety prevention inspection system. Standardise the management of student accommodation. Invite professors to hold publicity knowledge lectures or seminars regularly to raise young people’s awareness of bullying and anti-bullying.
Secondly, as parents, we should teach children to be compassionate and not use force to solve problems. If children are bullied, parents should do their best to help them, listen to their children, communicate with teachers or schools in a timely manner, seek help from psychological institutions, and eliminate psychological trauma.
Avyaan Sharma