Weather woes: Power and patience


In our area, we’ve developed a unique relationship with the weather forecast. When we hear the pitter-patter of rain on our roofs, we brace ourselves for an inevitable power cut. It’s almost as if the rain and power outages have struck a secret deal: whenever one shows up, the other is sure to follow.

For those of us who work online or study from home, the first rumble of thunder sends us into a frenzy, saving documents, charging devices, and hoping against hope that the lights stay on. Alas, our prayers are often in vain. The moment the skies open up, the power goes out, plunging us into a modern-day dark age.

As if the lack of electricity weren’t enough, the network speed takes a nosedive too. It’s like a double whammy – no power and no internet. Trying to join a Zoom meeting on a spotty mobile connection is an exercise in frustration. And for students, submitting assignments or attending online classes becomes a Herculean task.

Adding to our woes, the power cuts are not limited to rainy days. We experience untimely outages even in clear weather, with no apparent cause. It’s as if the power grid has a mind of its own, deciding to take a break whenever it feels like it, leaving us in the lurch.

Now, we’re not saying we expect miracles. We understand that infrastructure issues can be complex. But in 2024, shouldn’t we be past the point where a little rain – or even a clear day – can bring an entire area to a standstill?

As citizens, we’ve become resilient. We’ve learnt to keep power banks charged, stock up on candles, and even invest in backup generators. But resilience shouldn’t be a substitute for reliable infrastructure. We’re not asking for the moon – just a power grid that can handle a little rain and remain dependable on sunny days too.

We respectfully request that our local government prioritise and address the recurring issue of power outages, both during rainfall and in clear weather. It is essential to upgrade and maintain our power infrastructure to ensure that it can withstand weather-related challenges and avoid untimely disruptions. The current situation is untenable and hinders the daily lives and productivity of many citizens. We urge our officials to take a decisive action to resolve this persistent problem and provide us with a reliable power supply, regardless of weather conditions.

Rain, rain, go away – but please don’t take our power away!

Toku Nyori,