Aspirants are aging


I would like to request the government to fill the vacant government posts as early as possible as many of the aspirants are on the verge of crossing the age limit. It is very disappointing to see that some of our batch mates are doing regular job without any competitive exam and enjoying their lives with promotion and living lavishly. On the other hand, some of their mates are still searching for livelihood. We also have the right to live a dignified life. It is all because of the corruption. It’s a very disappointing scenario in our state. Moreover, education department had recently terminated many and so has directorate of economic and statistics. There are vacancies for statistical investigators and a few assistant directors. The APSSB are already functioning and APPSC also has been re-constituted but no advertisement can be seen from APPSC till today. Early floating of an advertisement would at least lighten the hopes of thousands of aspirants.

I request the concern departments and the recruiting agencies to expedite the recruitment process as soon as possible.

An Aged Aspirant