It’s confusing


I am writing to bring to your attention a matter of significant concern regarding the state animal of Arunachal Pradesh. There appears to be a notable confusion stemming from various government and non-governmental sources, causing uncertainty among the residents and others interested in our state’s heritage.

It has come to my notice that different government websites and educational materials provide conflicting information. Some sources state that the Mithun (Gayal) is the official state animal of Arunachal Pradesh- which is supported by state’s EIACP and many other national & international sources such as BYJU’S, UNACADEMY, WIKIPEDIA, etc, whereas others claim that the Hoolock Gibbon holds this title- which is supported by state’s own, widely available Arunachal GK books in the market and many other sources in the internet. This discrepancy is not just confusing but also undermines the reliability of the information being disseminated by authoritative sources.

The state animal is a symbol of our cultural and natural heritage, and it is imperative that there is clear, consistent, and accurate information regarding such significant symbols. When government sources themselves are not aligned, it becomes challenging for citizens, students, and researchers to ascertain the truth. I urge the concerned authorities to address this issue promptly and provide an official clarification on the matter. An accurate and widely accepted designation of the state animal should be made available through all official channels to eliminate any ambiguity. This would ensure that the information presented in educational curricula, tourism brochures, and other official documents is uniform and correct.

Nyilum Sikkim