Meghalaya set to include QR codes in school textbooks to help students: Officials

Shillong, July 10 (PTI) The Meghalaya government is set to integrate QR codes into school textbooks, allowing students to access additional information using smartphones, a senior official said on Wednesday.

According to Education Secretary A Marak, this initiative aims to enhance students’ time management skills and empower them with supplementary knowledge options.

“We are adding quick response (QR) codes to school textbooks that will be embedded with additional information on a particular subject. The aim is to reinforce students’ ability to manage time well and gain further knowledge as per one’s choice,” Marak told PTI.

“By scanning QR codes with mobile devices, students can access educational apps featuring video lessons and solved question papers, thereby reducing the time spent searching for study materials and enabling greater focus on learning,” he said.

Director of the Directorate of Educational Research and Training (DERT), R Manner, emphasised the benefits of QR codes embedded in specific textbooks, noting their potential to significantly aid students seeking self-improvement in particular subjects.

Education Minister Rakkam A Sangma praised the initiative, underscoring the government’s commitment to ensuring students in Meghalaya have access to comprehensive educational resources.