Forced donations

Dear Editor,
Through your esteem daily, I would like to draw attention on Indirect collection of money in the name of donation from common citizens by Unions and Associations.
On the evening of 26 August 2017, I went to the Market at Naharlagun to buy some NoteBooks. To my surprise, a notebook with MRP 70 /- was being sold at Rs 70 whereas I thought it would be sold at around 60-65/- rupees. When I enquired why it was being charged at MRP rate, the Shopkeeper explained that there are more Unions and Associations than actual population. We have to pay the Unions and Associations. So, thats why we are charging at printed rate. Otherwise, I would have sold this note book at less than Rs 70″.
He further claimed that, when somebody is selected from Arunachal at National or International level, then they collect donation from market although the selected one is sponsored by the Govt.
This is illegal and indirect way of collecting donation from common citizens by Unions and Associations.
I refuse to pay a single penny to these Unions and Associations.
I studied outside the state and at every shop, they charged less than printed rate. Some items like Pickles with MRP 110/- is sold out at around 70-80/- And Note book with MRP 110 was sold to us at 75-90/-. Not only this, but almost all the Items in the Market were charged lesser amount from the printed MRP. But in our state, Cold Drinks are being charged above the MRP. The shopkeepers are openly charging extra above the Printed rate.
So i do urge State Govt to look into this matter and take necessary actions.
And dear Citizens of Arunachal, open your eyes and say no to such kind of indirect way of collecting donation from us.
Common Citizen